How to Become a Truck driver in the U.S.A.

CDL training programs in Charlotte, NC can give you the answer

Have you ever think to become a truck driver? It’s an adventurous profession which can give you the opportunity to travel around the States and see places that many people can’t during their whole life. The most important things you need to have are passions for traveling and a truck driving license. We can be your CDL training place and give you all the needed CDL training to become a professional truck driver.

BG Truck Training offers CDL Training Programs for obtaining commercial driver’s license (CDL) and getting the needed qualification.
The benefits of our CDL Training Program are:

  • Convenient hours of training that fits most people’s busy schedule;
  • Easy to understand instructions;
  • Plenty of opportunities to practice your driving skills in safe driving environment before you hit the road on your own.

The main CDL training program of “Bobby Betz Transportation, Inc” is based on national standards for learning how to drive a truck and complies with the requirements of the Department of Transportation of the United States (DOT).

  • Teachers are with tons of years of experience around their belts – from former truck drivers and managers in SOMAT (Biggest Transportation Company in Bulgaria) to owners of transportation companies working with FEDEX in the United States.
  • If you want to get proper training and become a high-qualified truck driver the first step is to attend our CDL driver training programs. “We will help you get prepared for your test on your class a/b CDL license and become an Expert of Truck Driving.

“Bobby Betz Transportation, Inc” is here to help you!

CDL training in Charlotte, NC

How to get your class a/b CDL  license – Become an Expert Truck Driver

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